Let Autumn Be Your AB/DL Mommy & Smother You With Kisses

March 20, 2017

Aww, are you a little Adult Baby? Do you need to be changed? Come over here and sit in mommy’s lap sweetie so I can change your diaper.  The nasty little boy looks what you did you went peepee and poopie. Now let’s lay you down on your little changing table that’s right raise those little legs up so mommy can undo your diaper. Eww, look lots of messy in there now mommy is going to wipe you with a baby wipe and get you all nice and clean. Sprinkle some powder on you and raise your bottom up and put a fresh diaper on. Now my little one is all clean.

I am going to take you in the living room and put you down on the floor and give you some small toys like a rattler, and maybe some toy keys. You get all excited and say ga-ga goo. I notice it is a little chilly in here, so I grab a onesie and put it on you and then let you go back to playing with your toys as I watch. You like being Mommy’s little Adult Baby don’t you? I can’t tell by how excited you are.

Now I have my babysitting service that is what is so much fun about AB/DL Phone Sex. You can bring different little adult babies home and treat them like they are just the sweetest little things ever and change them, play with them and everything else mommies do. So if you are an adult baby looking for a good mommy or maybe just a babysitter you can have some fun with you should give me a call. You will always be pleased when you talk to me. I am a adult baby lover Mommy for sure!


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