Bring Your Fantasy To Mommy Autumn, Anything Goes

February 4, 2017

Ever want to be with that Mother figure? You would love Mommy’s because we are so confident in our sexuality, know what we want and are not afraid to come after it! Like for me, I love a younger man to play with. There is just something about a young man that gets me HOT! They stay hard longer, have awesome stamina and can satisfy my sexual appetite! But if you’ve never experienced Older woman phone sex you are missing out!! I love Role play phone sex, you should try it baby! How about we start off with some Mommy phone sex? You could be my son and I catch you with a pair of my dirty panties stroking it for Mommy. At first I scold you but then seeing my son’s young cock out makes me so HOT! So I have to go over to you and wrap my hand around your hard cock and and help you stroke it! I love your hard cock so much that I have to put my mouth around it and suck on it for a bit. I know you have never had the touch of a woman’s mouth on your cock and your cock is jumping with excitement.
How about I am your Hot Neighbor next door who is always dressing skimpy turning you on. I’ve noticed you staring at me and I think you are HOT and since you are married I wait for the perfect time to come over to you and as I get close to you I whisper to you that I want to seduce you. I’ve noticed you staring at me and I think your house is safe now. So when your wife leave’s for work I take that opportunity to come over to your house. I knock on the door and when you open it you see me dressed in a tank top with no bra, a very short miniskirt and some 6″ heels. You are nervous but invite me in anyways. You ask why I came and I tell you that I think you are totally hot, so I thought I would wait until your wife left, as I put my hand on your crotch, to come over and have my way with you! We can play many naughty Older Woman fantasies, whaever your kink is, give me a call.autumn-naughty-15




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