Time For A Diaper Change All Mommy’s Little ABDL!

November 30, 2016

As you know I specialize in ABDL phone sex. Sometimes I can be strict and other times loving and caring.  Sometimes I like to play with my adult baby’s and make them feel good!  I like to be a Dirty Mommy too and I mean very dirty!

Just to give you an example, just the other day I played with one of my Adult Baby’s and I got very dirty with him. I took his little diapier off and cleaned him up. 

I am excited to say I have this obsession with his little tushy and I like to lick his little butt hole. He giggles like a little one year old. I like to put my face in between his butt cheeks and smell his fragrant little butt hole, as I blow air and make a fart sound. That always makes his pee pee hard I love the way it feels  in my hands and I have to stroke it for him before we are done. Then I spank his little butt for messing in his diapier earlier. He just gets off when I give him rasberries on his butt cheeks while I stroke his pee pee.  His pee pee gets so hard when I am doing that to him and I have to keep stroking it until he tells me he is going to make cummies for his Mommy! Do you need a Dirty Mommy phone sex fix?  Well call this Mommy and let’s get dirty together


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