Mommy Autumn Teaches You Bad Boys A Lesson

June 27, 2016

I know many of you don’t have a someone in your life to take you in hand and deliver a sound spanking when you’ve misbehaved. That punishment that you secretly crave. But you DO need to be punished when you misbehave. You need someone to teach you a lesson. You need to have the embarrassment of having your pants pulled down, being bent over and feeling the sting of a paddle on your backside. I will do that for you. I’ll make sure that you FEEL the consequences of your bad behavior. When you call me, I expect you to be on your feet, standing respectfully, and have every possible spanking implement you own lined up in front of you and ready for me to use on you one by one. Yes, MahoganySmackerdo mean everything! That includes a paddle, hairbrush, wooden spoon, belt, strap, slipper, whatever you have in the house. You will confess your misbehavior to me and I will decide your punishment and decide which implement to use on your ass. I may name a number of strokes in advance or I may just spank you until I think you’ve learned your lesson. I may use one of the implements you’ve brought before me or I may use several of them on your bare bottom. I may spank you in different positions. I promise you that spanking phone sex call will leave you with a very red bottom and a real attitude adjustment. You HAVE been a naughty boy, haven’t you? Well, go get the implements and call Mommy Autumn right now.


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