Mommy Autumn Needs Her Son’s Touch So Bad

May 12, 2016

in stockingsI have thought of a wild Mommy / Son or Stepson fantasy that I think would be very erotic to play with each other, heres my fantasy…..You come home one night while I am playing with my pussy. I am lonely and haven’t had a good fucking in a while. You ask me what I was doing, I tell you I am so horny, I felt like masturbating. I tell you I didn’t expect you home so soon. You start to get a bulge in your pants and slowly unzip your jeans and start to stroke your cock right there in front of me. I got so turned on, I resume rubbing my pussy and we watch each other masturbate and we cum together. You approach the bed and ask if you can lick my now, dripping wet pussy. I say only if I could suck on your big, beautiful cock, so we sixty nine for the next half an hour and cum several times, licking and sucking each other. I get in doggy position and you ease that huge dick inside of me and it is sheer heaven.You slide it in all the way up to your balls. Your balls slapping against me with each naughty thrust. Our cum is dripping down the insides of my thighs as you fuck me and then cum inside of me. I screamed with such pleasure, and you tell me to keep it down before the neighbors hear us and know what we were up to! You laugh and tell me to get on my back, that your going to fuck your horny Mother one more time. I think I must have cum ten times. Do I have any takers?


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