Mommy Autumn Loves ALL Her Ass Worshipers

March 8, 2016

Last Days Of Summer--2010. (4)
Did I hear you say you wanted to fuck me in the ass, just how hard are you going to ram that big cock of yours up my tight ass? Remember I know ALL your dirty little ass worship secrets. I’m not just talking about any old anal sex secrets, I’m talking about the kind where you will do anything I tell you while I’m bent over simply cause you love ass worship phone sex. If I can be totally honest, I love nothing more than ass worship phone sex, and I’m going to make you love it more than you already do now, especially with an ass as tight and juicy as mine. And with an asshole as tight as I want it to be, and loose when I allow it, I know I’m going to enjoy ass worship phone sex just as much as you’re going to enjoy giving it to me, and you know what you have the power to determine just how loose or tight it will be. I can’t wait to bend over so you can buck this bronco and go all in. I know you can’t wait either, I know that dick is throbbing as you read this. So pick up the phone now, I’m waiting, baby so we can discuss just how tight this ass is but more importantly how loose it’s going to be after you get done with it


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