Step Mother Lusts!

January 4, 2016

YY755904I hold that air of mystery that captures your imagination. And I have been lusting after young cock for a very long time! You wish I would have been your Step Mother sooner but I wasn’t. But lets be serious, if I was your Step Mother any sooner you would be wanting to fuck me all the time. The way I am so very playful with you makes your cock throb for me. I am the object of all your wet dreams, but its mutual….I steal my glances of you when your not looking. It’s not your imagination, I have been teasing you on purpose trying to lure you into my bed. But little do you know your Father is wanting all this to happen, you don’t think he married a seductive woman like me with even a shred of the illusion I would be faithful do you? I have needs, and he knows he cannot fulfill them. Being my stepson must be so hard for you, but that’s ok lucky for you I am a cheating wife. We can sneak around and fuck when your daddy isn’t home,but even if he catches us its only going to turn him on. He leaves us alone on purpose don’t you know that silly boy? Your daddy wants me to fuck you! Call me my naughty Step Son.


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