November 19, 2014

imagesCAV6MAQTWell it Turkey time again ~ Time for me to get my personal Turkey ready for play ~ Here we go ~

Come into my bedroom my little Turkey, lets strip that wrapper off your body..Climb into the warm bath I have prepared for you..Lets wash all those nasty things that you carry around on you daily down the drain..Lets scrub that big body down from your neck to those tail feathers..Scrub under those arms and legs and get you ready for a Tasty Stuffing..Stand you up and pat you dry..Lift those wings and spread those legs and dry you completely or the spicy rub will not stick..Rush you to the bed that I have made for you..Grab my Olive Oil and pour it all over that body..Working it into the creases and folds..Under the wings and under the belly..We must not forget to rub those Breast down good and follow with the meaty legs..Lets sprinkle those special spices all over your plumpness and get ready to tress you up..I will start with your wings and wrap the rope around them and down over your sides to those legs that I have spread eagle..Wrapping the rope around each ankle to get you ready for the special stuffing that I have made..I grab my new plunger that I have filled with a mixture of Olive Oil, Ben Gay and Pepper Juice..I plunge the tube deep up that Ass cavity and release..Filling you with bubbling, oozing liquid..Now all I need to do is let you sit there and bask in your own juices!

                                HAPPY TURKEY DAY


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