October 1, 2014

Hell all my little Horny Babies ~ Mommy has missed you this Summer, you know who you are ~ All you naughty Men that promised to call but couldnt because the Wife and Family were home ~ Well guess what, Summer is over and its time for you to call your NauBumbershoot 2014ghty Mommy ~ I have heard every excuse in the book from my kids, so dont try and give me your excuses ~ I had a very WILD Summer, went many places and saw lots of exciting things ~ I just got back from the most WILD outside party there is up here in the Pacific Northest ~ Its called Bumbershoot 2014 ~ WOW, talk about Wild nasty grown up games!! Now its time to get your Panties, Get your Toys and whatever else you need to play with that thing you call a cock and call Mommy ~ If for some strange reason you cant call me, we can still play on Yahoo and have a awesome Sexxting session ~ So get your pathetic ass on the ball and start dialing ~ Smooches Babies


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