June 25, 2012

Hey all my horny men. Summer is finally here and letting me have some fun. I have been going down to the beach and tanning, Laying out topless or completely naked. I am lucky enough to have a beach close by that is kinda private. I just take my blanket, radio, dogs and enjoy it for a few hours. I am already getting a great tan and Summer has just began. I hope you all are having as good of a time so far as I am. I also have been taking my horses out everyday riding. I take them down by the river out back, I usually ride in just one of my long dresses and take it off once I find a spot that no one will wonder upon. I take my dress off and lay down and relax for a few hours just enjoying the Beautiful views. I love my ranch, its so private. But now its time for us to have fun on the phone. I need to hear from you. We need to plan a day we can have fun, maybe play that naughty roll play you all like. I know we can play the one where your my naughty boy and I am your Beautiful Mommy, or I am the Summer School teacher and your the bad student that wouldnt pay attention in class. Whatever your fantasy is, give me a call so we can have a ball….


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