June 12, 2011

Hurray Gentlemen,

                 Its pool party time finally!!..I have been waiting for this kind of weather all year long..I hope the weather has been nice where you guys live..I just hope none of you are down in the Tornado or Flood areas..I had a guy here working on my pool and deck for the last month getting it all ready for Summer..Its finally all done..I have attached a photo of the pool and part of the deck from my bedroom window..This will be the first time I got to play in my pool since I just moved here the end of last Summer..I am going to try it out this week.. You need to call me so we can fantasize about us in my pool or do some kind of roll play while I am in my pool..I hope you all have a great Summer as I know I will..Huggs & Kisses to all of you


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