March 29, 2011

WOW…Can you believe it..Spring is finally here!! The snow is melting everywhere, the rain is slowly going away..We are starting to have more days of the rays..Its still cold outside and we still need a coat but it is so nice to be able to go take a walk around my property and see all the new flowers starting to spring up..I have attached a cpl photos taken out on my property showing the beautiful flowers..I enjoy just walking around, letting my dog run wild and smelling the good old Pacific Northwest air..Its so crisp.

I am looking forward to the summer where I can lay out and get my tan on! I need a new one after this long cold Winter and being stuck inside..I am not one of those that like the fake tans..No thank you..Good ole Sunshine is all I need..I have bought me several new swimsuits for the Summer this year and cant wait to try them out..I will be going to the Ocean a lot this Summer also, that’s where my Son is and my new Grandson live..I am so lucky to have the Ocean just 1 hour from me..Cant wait to take him and put his little toes in the Ocean and see the look on his face as the waves splash on him..

I hope you all have an exciting week, if you want to make it more exciting give me a Jingle..1-800-676-1218


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