March 13, 2011

Hello guys, I hope you are staying warm where you at..It is freezing here and the strangest weather..One week we will have rain and the next week we will have snow..My poor animals cant’ figure out what is up, they go outside one day to mud puddles and the next to snow..I have been sick in bed for the last week with that yuck that is going around..I dont know if you have it where you live but it’s everywhere here..Its so bad that the clinics have run out of meds..Its the sore throat, body aches, headache, tummy trouble..Just yucky..I am finally getting better..I just want the rain to go away and the sunshine to come back..I need to get back in my pool..Right now my pool is frozen..Have been using the Hot Tub and it feels great at night..I am sure that doesn’t help me get well running from my house across the deck to the Hot Tub in the rain either..I just need the sun, need to be doing my laps in the pool..I hope you are all warm and havent caught this nasty stuff..I know if your feeling naughty and want to get warm with me you can try me anytime  1-800-676-1218..Here is a photo to remind you what I will be doing in a few months..Lounging and playing by my pool..Sending you lots of warm huggs and kisses


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