February 27, 2011

Hey Sweets..How are you all doing this cold Febuary?..It is so COLD here is Washington right now..We have about a foot or more of snow where I live..In fact we had a Blizzard last week..I couldnt get out of my long driveway to go to town and had to call a neighbor down the road to come and clear my road with his small tractor because it has a snow scoop on the front..I had to go get feed for all my animals and it was so Misrable..I cant wait for the warm weather to arrive!! They are calling for more cold weather this week..Friday night it was down to 17..I froze my ass off..I have been dressing in my coat and boots and running out across my deck and getting in the Hot Tub at night, it is so awesome looking at the stars and it snowing on you..I cant wait untill it warms up and I can swim in my pool..Only got to use it about a month when I moved in last year before it got to cold..I even went out and bought a cpl new swim suits..I usually swim naked but you know I need them for when I have company..lol..I hope you are having warmer weather where your at..I have attached a cpl photos of the snow in town when I finally was able to venture out last week..Have a great week and will talk to you soon…Much Love


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