February 1, 2011

Well guess what??..I am a brand new Grandma..One of my Twins had their first baby on Thursday the 27th..It was a long 22 hours of labor..After it was all done they have a very healthy baby boy Named Aiden..He was 2 1/2 weeks early but weighed 6 pounds 9 oz and was 22 inches long..Not sure where the length comes from because most of my family is under 6 ft..If he is starting off this long, he may grow up to be a Basketball player..lol..I spent 3 days with them and teaching mama all the little secrets of nursing and burping..Now I am back to work full time..Will be taking some Sat. off to go visit..WOW..Its hard to believe I am a Grandma, don’t feel like one..but I guess that means I am getting older..As far as our Weather here, it has stopped raining..Yippy..I just hope it stays away for the rivers to go down before we have any more..I am just looking forward to the Summer where I can put my string bikini on and lay by my pool..After this move up here to my home state, and it being so cold..I need the sun to put some tan back on this body..I hope you all have a great first week in Feb..remember Valentines Day is just around the corner..He is my new Panties I just received from my honey for Valentines Day..I think there great and get the point across..lol..xoxo


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