December 26, 2010

Was Santa good to you my boys? Did you get lots of great presents under the tree, or were you bad boys and only received a big limp of coal? I was a Very Good Girl..I received a lot of wonderful gifts from Santa, He liked me this year..I recieved a lot of new Lingerie outfits and new Toys (if you know what I mean)..lol..I am sure you know what I am talking about since you are such naughty boys..We will have to talk about them on our next call and even try them out! My sexy new Lingerie outfits are very wild, one is even all Leather. MMM..I just love the feel of Leather on my skin, as I know some of you do too..

It is so cold here that my animals dont even want to come out of the barn..They have a heated barn so they like to just hang out inside there stalls and stay warm, untill mean Mommy Autumn comes and makes them stay outside all day..I have attached a little photo of one of my Horses that was made to go out on Xmas day and he had a big fit..They all got special treats from me for Xmas and he just wanted to stay inside and eat..

I hope you all have a very Safe and Fun New Years eve, It will be 2011 when I talk to you next..I hope I will have a very nice photo to share with you next week from the Space Needle in Seattle..I am spending New Years eve at the top of the Space Needle eating dinner and watching all the firworks..Please stay safe, and have a fun time as you welcome in 2011..I hope we can chat real soon and bring 2011 in with a BANG of our own!!!

                                                           Always Autumn


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