Sorry It Has Taken me So Long To Blog Again

September 17, 2008

Hello am my sexy guys. I have missed all of you. I have been so buzy trying to get my house ready to sell. I am making the move up north to Oregon soon. I am from the NorthWest and cant wait to get back up there where my family and friends live. I hope you all have been having a great 2008 so far..WOW- I cant believe its almost over. I guess time really does fly by when your having fun.

Well alot has happened in my life since we talked last. I have found someone special. He is very special to me and is very close to my heart. We havent met yet in person, but who knows what the future will bring us. We have AWESOME phone sex, and we melt the phone lines when we are cumming together. I know I have great phone sex with a lot of you guys, but there is just that mystical, magic thing between us, belive me when I say..this wasnt suppose to happen. But no worry with all of you guys, you are all special to me to. I love all my calls I do with all of you. I love the way you make me cum when I hear you tell me what you wanna do to me. I love the way you moan when I tell you I wanna suck your dick. Isnt it so awesome how we can have so much fun together playing across the miles. Life is great, and phone sex is the safest sex around now days!

Well my kids are finally back in school, there last year of high school. YEAH. Now I can have some peace and quiet and sit around naked all day again. so I am Just sitting here waiting for your phone calls.

I have bought a lot of NEW TOYS since I have wrote you last. I would love for you to call and listen to the buzz of my new Bullet on my clit or listen to my WET pussy as I cum with you!

I will write again soon guys. Take care and give me a buzz….SMOOCHES


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