October 16, 2007

Well yesterday I took the day off to myself and headed to the ocean with a cpl of friends of mine..We met a cpl of guys at a diner on the way and had some lunch with them and we invited them to join us at the beach..After we all arrived we spread a blanket on the sand and had some wine, cheeses and some bread..The guys were amazing, they were all in there late 20’s and very mature for there age..We all built some sand castles and took turns burying each other up to our necks in the sand..It was so much fun..Then one of the guys got a wild hair up his ass and suggested we all go skinny dipping..We were at a very private part of the beach by the rocks..So being over sexed as we all are we agreed..After many dips in the cold water we built a fire and all sat by it until the sun went down..We finally decided to pair off and have some alone time with the guys..So I grabbed my guy and we went for a walk and had a great time..And yes we did have SEX..We got back to the fire and we all decided it was time to leave because we had a long drive..We got the guys numbers and headed home..We all discussed out adventures with the strangers and hope they call us up so we can get together again..

autumn-at-beach-naked-2007.jpg                                                                    autumn-at-the-ocean.jpg


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