October 9, 2007

Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend..Mine was AWESOME!! I had a BBQ at my house with about 6 other couples out at my poolside..I just got my sauna finished and wanted all my friends to CUM for a big blow out before the summer is over..We ate a lot of great food and all hung out at the poolside drinking, dancing to music and having many, drinks..After about 8 hrs of talking and having fun we all started talking naughty as conversation with friends usually goes..All the girls decided to to see just how far the guys would go..One of the girls suggested we have a contest..So we brought up having a BLOW JOB contest to see just who was the best at giving a BJ..We all picked a partner and had them strip naked and sit on the edge of my pool, us girls all stood between there legs and someone yelled GO!! Well we each started our own technique and proceeded to devoured there cocks..Now guess what I won!! Then we decided to move the party inside my house..we spread out some blankets on my living room floor and we all went wild..

If you would like me to tell you all the dirty details that happened after we got started, give me a call and I will describe them in great detail for you.. 1-800-676-1218

I would love to play with my pussy while you stroke your cock and then we can both get off together..

Talk to you later sweety…xoxoxoxo



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