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autumn..a day out and about....11

If you haven’t noticed, this Mommy has been around this phone sex site for a bit. Some of the boys who call me, well they really make Mommy so very happy. I especially love it when a boy calls me and we just start off talking. We talk and he may ask me a few questions. Maybe he’ll want to know if I have cum already for the day. He may want details. Then all of the sudden I am his Mommy. I am his jealous Mommy who wants her boy all to herself. She wants to trash talk the “whore” that her son is about to marry. Talk about how she is fucking big dicks behind his back. Doesn’t he ever wonder where she goes? Well, Mommy will never leave her baby boy. Never. And Mommy DOES still need his affection. Then he’s pushing in and out of my saturated Mommy cunt. This is mother and son bonding at its most carnal and I am so lucky to get his load of sperm deep inside me before we say good bye.

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I was in the shower when I heard some deep breathing I knew there was someone in the bathroom with me. I looked over and saw one of my twin sons standing there. Even though I could not see his cock, I knew he was stroking it just by the moans that he was making. I decided not to say anything and keep washing my sexy body. I made sure that I faced him so he could see all of his Mommies hot body especially my big tits. I could hear him breathing louder and louder.

I turned the water off and said come here little one. He walked in, and his face beat red. I told him not to be shy I knew what he had been doing, and I was going to help him. I said you need just to show it to me first. He hesitated for a moment but then showed me. It was hard as a brick, and it was throbbing hard. I started to rub my pussy. When I started moaning, he began rubbing his cock again jacking it off even faster and harder now.

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Being Mamma Autumn is not always easy because you always have your kids friends hitting on you. Even though you may try to be a good Mamma it generally does not end up being that way. I have sought to be a good Mamma for as long as my Sons lived at home but my ex-husband used to work so damn much and sometimes it got so hard to be good, and I did not know what to do with myself at times. My Sons had a friend of theirs from down the street that would Cum by and check on me when he knew my ex-husband was gone. I always was able to control myself until one night when no one was home. The temptation has been there for a long time sexually with this friend and me. Something just went off inside of me and I no longer could control my urges. I know it may sound bad but I was feeling so hot and bothered and needed some intimacy, and my ex-husband was not here. I tried going in the bedroom and masturbating and just ignore how I was feeling. That is when he came to the door and knocked to check on me. I walked to the front door and opened it, I could not resist no matter how hard I tried. I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him inside of the house. I did not waste another moment. I slammed the door shut and went to work on his dick with my mouth slurping on it just like you would with some sort of ice cream. I bent over and raised my skirt up and told him to fuck me now I needed to Cum. I never thought for a moment he was going to say no once he noticed how juicy and wet my pussy already was. I was right!

Aww, are you a little Adult Baby? Do you need to be changed? Come over here and sit in mommy’s lap sweetie so I can change your diaper.  The nasty little boy looks what you did you went peepee and poopie. Now let’s lay you down on your little changing table that’s right raise those little legs up so mommy can undo your diaper. Eww, look lots of messy in there now mommy is going to wipe you with a baby wipe and get you all nice and clean. Sprinkle some powder on you and raise your bottom up and put a fresh diaper on. Now my little one is all clean.

I am going to take you in the living room and put you down on the floor and give you some small toys like a rattler, and maybe some toy keys. You get all excited and say ga-ga goo. I notice it is a little chilly in here, so I grab a onesie and put it on you and then let you go back to playing with your toys as I watch. You like being Mommy’s little Adult Baby don’t you? I can’t tell by how excited you are.

Now I have my babysitting service that is what is so much fun about AB/DL Phone Sex. You can bring different little adult babies home and treat them like they are just the sweetest little things ever and change them, play with them and everything else mommies do. So if you are an adult baby looking for a good mommy or maybe just a babysitter you can have some fun with you should give me a call. You will always be pleased when you talk to me. I am a adult baby lover Mommy for sure!

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How about I am your Hot Neighbor next door who is always dressing skimpy turning you on. I’ve noticed you staring at me and I think you are HOT and since you are married I wait for the perfect time to come over to you and as I get close to you I whisper to you that I want to seduce you. I’ve noticed you staring at me and I think your house is safe now. So when your wife leave’s for work I take that opportunity to come over to your house. I knock on the door and when you open it you see me dressed in a tank top with no bra, a very short miniskirt and some 6″ heels. You are nervous but invite me in anyways. You ask why I came and I tell you that I think you are totally hot, so I thought I would wait until your wife left, as I put my hand on your crotch, to come over and have my way with you! We can play many naughty Older Woman fantasies, whaever your kink is, give me a call.autumn-naughty-15



As you know I specialize in ABDL phone sex. Sometimes I can be strict and other times loving and caring.  Sometimes I like to play with my adult baby’s and make them feel good!  I like to be a Dirty Mommy too and I mean very dirty!

Just to give you an example, just the other day I played with one of my Adult Baby’s and I got very dirty with him. I took his little diapier off and cleaned him up. 

I am excited to say I have this obsession with his little tushy and I like to lick his little butt hole. He giggles like a little one year old. I like to put my face in between his butt cheeks and smell his fragrant little butt hole, as I blow air and make a fart sound. That always makes his pee pee hard I love the way it feels  in my hands and I have to stroke it for him before we are done. Then I spank his little butt for messing in his diapier earlier. He just gets off when I give him rasberries on his butt cheeks while I stroke his pee pee.  His pee pee gets so hard when I am doing that to him and I have to keep stroking it until he tells me he is going to make cummies for his Mommy! Do you need a Dirty Mommy phone sex fix?  Well call this Mommy and let’s get dirty together

autumn-wedding-dress-futuristic-9Happy Halloween my naughty boys..I know a lot of you will be going to Halloween parties with your family and friends, dressing up like a clown, chef or some other thing that your really not into..Mommy Autumn knows what you secretly want to dress up like..You know as well as Mommy does that you want to dress like a very bad boy!..You know you want to wear that diaper or those wet pants and get a spanking from Mommy..You know you want to suck on Mommy Autumn’s big BOOOObies and play with my Mommy pussy..Mommy needs her naughty boys to gather around and call me for some fun..Have a great time pretending you are something your not and when your done Mommy Autumn and her nice BOOOObies will be waiting for you..smooches


Hello all my Horny, Bad boys, I wanted to let you know with the NEW yahoo going on, our company has decided to stop using yahoo..We will now be using AIM for our texting..It’s real easy to use, click on the AIM on my website and it will take you to the sign in page, if you dont already have AIM to chat or AOL you can download it there..just look under my phone number, address and hours and you will see the AIM AIM  name is      you will get a dispatcher ready to connect you to me..just tell her who you were wanting to chat with..hope to talk to you all soon..